Caring For Your Wooden Blanket Box

Wood is one of the most versatile and unique materials available today but like any, can always benefit from a little TLC throughout its lifetime. Properly maintaining any wooden furniture can help it to withstand the test of time and keep it looking brand new for longer but if you’ve never cared for wooden furniture before, knowing where to start can be daunting. We’ve compiled a few tips to get you started.

Protect It From Heat

If you’re planning to use your brand new wooden ottoman as a coffee table, it’s important to make sure you use coasters for hot drinks and other protection such as placemats or potholders for other hot items. Tablecloths can also be used to protect from spills and simply removed if you want to access whatever you choose to store inside the ottoman.

Consider Potential Environmental Damage

Sunlight is one of the last things we think of when it comes to environmental damage, particularly on furniture we have indoors. When wood is subject to light and heat for prolonged periods of time, the colour can fade and the material can be damaged and even become dry and brittle, ultimately leading to breakages. Keep your ottoman away from the window where possible, or cover it up on particularly hot or sunny days if you can.

Keep It Clean And Dust-Free

Regularly dusting and cleaning off your ottoman is a must if you want to keep it scratch and smudge free. While it doesn’t seem like a particularly corrosive substance, dust can lead to scratches on the surface of your wood and build up a film layer that can discolour and damage it too. For this reason, it’s important to keep on top of dusting your wooden ottoman with a soft cloth, ideally microfibre or cotton. On the occasions where dusting isn’t quite enough, cleaning the wood can keep it in top shape. Use wood-specific cleaners or even a mild dish detergent, but avoid all-purpose cleaners, as this can damage the finish on the wood.

Treat Any Wear And Tear

No matter how much care we take with wooden furniture, scratches and general wear do happen but it’s how you deal with these that matters. Liquid polishes can hide any scratches or abrasions and have things looking good as new providing that the damage isn’t too bad. If the scratches or damage are too deep for the polish to handle, you could give the furniture a new lease of life with a coat or paint.

Oil Or Wax As Needed

Wooden furniture can get dry over time, which is where oiling comes in. All of our ottomans are treated, but you can re-oil or re-wax in the future to improve the longevity. For oiling, you’ll need to first clean the surfaces with an appropriate oil soap or cleaner, then liberally apply whichever furniture oil suits your ottoman best. For waxing, this will need to be done at intervals over the years to build up the protective coating where it may otherwise have worn down.

Keep On Top Of Stains

The longer a stain sits, particularly on wood, the harder it is to remove and it’s for this reason that it’s important to clean up any stains or spills as quickly as possible after they happen. If the spill or damage has already been done, you can look into different ways to remove particular marks, such as vinegar for dark water damage spots, and a toothpaste-baking soda blend for white rings created from a wet glass.

Wooden furniture offers a unique and undeniably stunning addition to any home and ottomans are one of the most convenient and useful furniture pieces available.  Take a look at our full range of wooden blanket boxes to find the perfect one for you.

5 Ways To Style Your New Ottoman

Ottomans come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, and for good reason. These versatile pieces of furniture are an ideal storage solution for a bedroom, living room, dining room or frankly any room in your home you see fit and with plenty of ways to style and use them in your home, they offer endless possibilities. From using a drape or table runner to create a stylish surface, to using your ottoman as a coffee table, here are just 5 ways you can style your new ottoman.

Pick The Right Size

First thing’s first, before you even order an ottoman you need to make sure you’re getting the right size for the space you have. There are two ways of doing this – picking an ottoman that compliments that other furniture in the room, and picking one that makes it stand out as a centrepiece. Depending on your intended use, you’ll want to keep it at roughly the same height as the sofa, bed or couch, though in a bedroom in particular, a slightly shorter ottoman at the foot of the bed can still blend in well.

Selma Two-Tone Solid Wood Blanket Box

Use A Throw Or A Runner

If you want to make your ottoman a centrepiece or a stand-out piece of furniture in your living room or bedroom, using a table runner or a small blanket or throw can soften an otherwise hard-looking wooden ottoman, or add a unique contrast to an upholstered one. Ottomans offer a visual interest to a room as standard, but with the right accessory decoration, they can become a well-integrated storage option that enhances the decor too.

Use It As A Coffee Table

Cologne Grey washes Sliding Top Pine Ottoman

Ottomans are regularly used as coffee tables, and for good reason – having an ottoman in the centre of your living room offers a useful surface for drinks, books, remote controls or whatever you want to place on a table, but with the added benefit of storage space for everything from cushions and throws, to books, magazines and more.

Extra Seating

The right ottoman can make for the perfect additional seating in a living room for guests. Many upholstered ottomans and pouffes are cushioned enough to provide a comfortable place to sit and relax and often at the same comfort level as a couch itself, meaning you always have an extra chair available when there’s an extra person around. When things are normal and the extra seat isn’t needed, it still acts as a useful storage solution for anything you need to tuck away during your average day.

Smoothie Small Upholstered Workbox

Kid’s Play Table

Whether you order a children’s blanket box or a wooden ottoman, they offer a unique play space for kids that can keep bedrooms, living rooms and any other rooms tidy. With child-friendly fabrics and wood varnishes, they can be easy to wipe off from drawing, painting or general grime and offer somewhere for toys or craft supplies to be kept when they aren’t in use without disrupting the surrounding space.

Panda Upholstered Toy Box

Hopefully these style ideas have helped you start your journey to finding the perfect ottoman. For more information about the ottomans available here on our website, or to find the perfect fit for your home, get in touch with a member of our team or take a look through our products, today.

Tidy Home, Tidy Mind: Why Tidiness Is Important While Working From Home

If you’re in the unusual situation of having to work from home under the current situation, you’d hardly be alone if you’re struggling to get into the swing of things. For those of us who aren’t used to setting up at our dining table for a full day of work, you’ve probably already fallen into the trap of taking a ‘break’ from work to tidy something, put the washing on or run the hoover round. The pressure of keeping things organised while we’re supposed to be working can build stress, anxiety and reduce productivity which is why tidiness is a must when working from home.

Our Logan Pine Ottoman Blanket Box makes for stylish storage of clutter to keep things neat and tidy around the home.

It’s Good For Your Health

Keeping things clean and tidy can do wonders for your health, not just during the work day but during everyday living too. A tidy bedroom, for example, can help you sleep better and a home office that’s kept clean will limit the potential spread of germs. Keep clutter to a minimum to limit places for dust or grime to build up by tidying away documents or supplies that you don’t need. Give your keyboard and mouse a regular clean too just to make sure that things are kept as clean as possible. 

You Can Focus Better

A tidy space is a must-have if you want to be able to focus throughout the work day. With too much clutter or mess around you, it can be difficult to focus on one thing at a time. Your mind is always looking for the most important thing to focus on and it can be too easy to drift towards frankly anything that isn’t your work. Whether it’s organising paperwork, cleaning a mug, making a coffee or taking the time to tidy up, they can all distract you from the task you need to get done first. Take the time in the evening after work or at the weekends to have a complete top-to-bottom tidy of your work space and try to keep things down in the evenings or before work throughout the week to promote better focus.

Reduce Stress

Stress and fatigue are two of the biggest problems for people working from home, particularly for those who have never done it before. Working in a messy or unclean environment gives you something else to worry about on top of your existing workload and the accompanying stress of working in an unusual environment in the current situation. Clutter can also cause fatigue simply because your mind is never really at rest. Even if you’re taking a ‘break’ from work for the day, your eyes will be drawn to clutter and will be constantly working, leading to fatigue over long periods.

Increase Efficiency

There’s nothing worse than not being able to find the one thing you need to complete a task. Whether it’s a particular document or a form to fill out, or even just a pen, a messy home office can make efficient working shockingly difficult. The more organised your workspace is, the less time you’ll spend trying to find things when you need them most. With easy access to what you need and minimal distraction, efficiency and productivity have the potential to be at an all-time high.

Whether your home is in need of a good clean out or you just need to tidy things up to keep them workable, ottomans provide a useful storage solution to keep clutter down. Take a look at our range of ottomans or get in touch for advice on where to start.

What You Need To Know About Ottoman Beds Before You Buy

In an age where storage seems to be a common issue in homes across the world, ottoman beds have offered a multi-use solution. Ottoman beds are a type of bed that use gas-lift hydraulics to lift and hold up the base, revealing storage space underneath to hold any number of bits and pieces you may need to store. From packing away spare sheets, duvets or pillows, to using the space for clothes, books, shoes or something else entirely, the possibilities are endless. If you’ve been considering an ottoman bed or have just been looking for storage solutions for your bedroom, here’s everything you need to know ottoman beds before you buy.

Pictured: Francesco Charcoal Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Sizing Options

Ottoman beds typically come in the standard bed sizes available on the market, which includes singles, small doubles, full doubles, king size and super king size beds. The storage capacity will, of course, differ according to these sizes, their height and how they open, but you can expect the following storage capacity for the most common bed sizes:

  • Single/Twin – 15.11 Cubic Feet
  • Double Bed – 21.20 Cubic Feet
  • King Bed – 24.72 Cubic Feet
  • Super King Bed – 30.22 Cubic Feet

The Types Of Opening

Ottoman beds can open in one of three different ways – A side lift, end lift and half lift. The side and end lifts are the most common, offering maximum storage capacity without the need for the room for drawers. They operate as follows:

  • Side Lift

Side lift ottoman beds open along the side of the bed, which works well for rooms with limited space or where one side of the bed isn’t as easily accessible. They can feature different sections, usually two with one in each section of a divan base, though can also come as one large section where possible. The Franca Upholstered ottoman side-lift bed is a perfect example of a two-part side-lift ottoman, available in five different sizes and 25 different swatches to suit any bedroom design.

  • End Lift

End lift ottoman beds lift from the foot-end of the bed. They provide easy access to both sides of the storage and once again, can come in either single or multi-section options. The Franca Upholstered ottoman full end lift bed offers two sections for sizes above a single, and comes in four different sizing options to suit any room. 

The Lage Grey Upholstered ottoman bed frame, however, is an end-lift ottoman bed that features only one section, and comes in three sizes, including small double, double and king size.

  • Half Lift

Half-lift ottomans are convenient for small rooms with slanted ceilings, or where you may want both drawer and under-bed storage options. This can maximise storage options in awkwardly-shaped rooms. Our Franca Upholstered Ottoman Half Lift Bed is a great compromise between an ottoman and a divan. It also comes in two sizes – double, and king size, and 20+ swatch options.

What Mattress Can I Use?

One thing you need to be aware of before buying an ottoman bed is that due to their lifting operation, you want to be careful with the weight of the mattress you choose. The majority of mattresses will be suitable for an ottoman bed frame providing that you choose the right size for the bed frame, but some may be too heavy or may make lifting difficult for you or the person using the bed. The best way to decide on the ideal mattress is to speak to the retailer to ask about weight.

Are They Safe?

One concern we hear from our customers is whether ottoman beds are safe, particularly for children. While ottoman beds are safe and always go through rigorous testing prior to being released for purchase, using an ottoman bed in a child’s room will be a case of personal choice. They can provide a great storage solution for smaller rooms and store toys, blankets or clothes, but if you are concerned about safety, you could opt for any of our other ottomans or children’s toy box ottomans instead. The Panda Upholstered Toy Box, for example, is a great seating and storage solution available in three fun colours and patterns, and two different sizes.

Ottoman beds are a great way to increase the available storage in your bedroom and with plenty of choice of sizes, designs and more, there’s no shortage on possibilities for your bedroom. For more information, feel free to get in touch, or take a look at our full range of ottoman beds, today.

Space Saving Tips For Any Living Room

As more and more of us opt for smaller homes to save money, finding ways to make the most of the space that you have is a must. Whether you have a small living room and are looking for ways to increase storage, or you’re simply looking for space-saving tips to keep things free of clutter, knowing how to save on space effectively can make all the difference. Maximising the space you have can be as simple as rearranging furniture or putting up some shelves and here, we’re exploring a few tips to help you get started.

Invest In An Ottoman Or Two

Call us biased, but we believe ottomans are an incredible way to save space in any room, not just a living room. Whether you use them as a seat, a footstool, a coffee table or something else entirely, ottomans offer the ability to not only store things inside but can still be used in other ways to prevent taking up any unnecessary space. Our wooden ottomans, for example, can be doubled as coffee tables, providing storage for spare cushions, magazines, newspapers or any other living room clutter you may have, while our upholstered ottomans or pouffes and stools double as spare seating options for guests.


Use Shelves

For living rooms that might lack in floor space but have plenty of room on the walls, shelving is a foolproof way of adding more storage space for living room clutter without using any floor space at all. You can display photos or ornaments, books, stereos and more. Whatever you can safely fit on a shelf can have a permanent home there to save space.

Consider Multi-Purpose Furniture

Just like our ottomans can serve multiple purposes, so can a number of other incredible furniture options. Sofas that fold out into beds can prevent the need for a guest room or trundle bed, while tray tables that detach from legs which can then be neatly folded away make for convenient and useful furniture and accessory ideas that don’t require a huge amount of space.

Mount The TV On The Wall

If you do have a flat-screen TV, have you considered mounting it on a wall in your living room? By putting the TV up in empty wall space, you can either ditch the console table and open up the floor to other furniture options, or even leave it free for a bit of extra storage room. If you do decide to get rid of a console table, you could use the space for additional seating, for storage, or a mix of both – whatever you need, the space could be available just by mounting the TV.

Use Nesting Tables 

Nesting tables are a convenient way of bringing more than one coffee table into the living room when they aren’t needed all the time. Having a set of two or three tables together in one nested format offers you the opportunity to only bring out the extra furniture when it’s needed without having to find alternate storage places. If you’re having friends or family over that need somewhere to put a drink, pull out the nested tables, and then tuck them neatly back away when the time comes to clear up. 

Saving space in the living room is relatively simple if you think smartly about how you want to use the room you do have. From multi-use furniture like ottomans and sofa beds, to freeing up floor space by mounting the TV on the wall, even the smallest change can make a huge difference. For more information or to take a look at our range of stylish multi-use ottomans, have a browse of the website or get in touch with our team, today.

How to Declutter Your Child’s Bedroom

If you have small children, you’ll be well aware of just how tricky it can be to keep their bedrooms nice and tidy and free of clutter. Teddy bears, toys, books and blankets are strewn across the floor on a daily basis and you may find that you have accumulated more toys and accessories than your current storage plan can handle!

Children’s bedrooms are usually a lot smaller than other rooms in the house but are often home to the most bits and pieces. Coming up with a quick, easy solution to declutter and free up space creates a tidier environment for plenty of stress free playtime.

So how do you declutter your child’s bedroom and keep things in order without compromising on space, time or convenience? Follow these simple tips to have your child’s bedroom or playroom clear and clutter free in no time.

Child Friendly Storage

A crucial aspect of decluttering and tidying a child’s bedroom is ensuring you have good storage solutions to cope with the sheer amount of toys and books a child will accumulate.

Quite often child storage can be found in the shape of bookcases, shelving units, cupboards and other bulky fitted or standalone furniture.

City Life Padded Childs Toy Box

There is another option though. Children’s toy boxes can be a fantastic, fun storage solution for your childs bedroom as they keep things neat, tidy and in one place. Children’s ottomans and toy boxes with lids keep toys and clutter completely out of sight. Mostly supplied in attractive designs which your child will love, they will complement your childs bedroom, creating a much more pleasant atmosphere and most importantly help make tidying up, fun! To be even more organised, you can opt for more than one and store your child’s cuddly toys in one and train sets, trucks, dolls etc in another.

Ottomans and toy boxes provide an easy way to safely store away your child’s toys for the day and are available in soft fabric finishes with cushioned tops to keep the bedroom as hazard-free as possible. Children’s ottomans needn’t look misplaced in the room either- they are available in a variety of styles and finishes so you can find one to perfectly complement the décor of the bedroom or play room. You can also find playful printed ottomans to add an extra fun element to your child’s room or opt for a traditional wooden toy box for a charming timeless look.

Wooden Toy Boxes

Ask your Child to help you Tidy

Young children tend to enjoy repetition and there are few activities more repetitive than tidying up countless toys!

Having your little boy or girl help to put their things away in their very own toy box or ottoman encourages them to tidy up after themselves, a skill which you’ll surely appreciate once they reach their teenage years.

To give the tidying up a fun angle, you can turn the decluttering into a game to keep your child interested.

Store Away

Ask yourself – does my child really need all of these toys and bits of pieces cluttering up their bedroom? The answer is probably no and that means it’s time to store away some items that your child may have lost interest in. Clothing and toys that your child has outgrown can be safely stashed away as keepsakes or kept somewhere safe.

Planning on having another baby? Store the clothing and toys somewhere other than your child’s bedroom (like your attic or closet) in preparation for your next child.

Grab a Rubbish Bag

Throwing away or donating toys can seem daunting to a child so rather than simply telling your child that some of their toys have to go, try discuss the reasons behind it, in the most child-friendly way possible of course! Some suggestions include:

  • Let your child know that by getting rid of some toys will leave them more space to play.
  • If you’re donating toys to a charity shop, explain that the toys will go to a child who will love them just as much and more importantly who may need them more.
  • Decide with your child which toys and bits and pieces should be donated or given away.

Your child may find it tricky to make the tough decision without a little help from you. Chances are, once you’ve decluttered and organised your child’s bedroom, they will have a renewed interest in a lot of toys and books that they may have forgotten about! Decluttering gives them a chance to rediscover some toys they may have forgotten about, resulting in hours more playtime and a bit of well deserved ‘me time’ for you.

10 Top Tips For Buying a Fabric Ottoman Blanket Box

An Ottoman is a practical, space saving option for any bedroom or living room. As with any furniture, choosing the ideal fabric Ottoman or blanket box for your home is an important decision with many factors to consider, so we’ve created a guide with 10 top tips to help you find the ottoman perfect for you and your interior space.

Top Tip 1 – The Padding

Tip 1 - Check the padding of the fabric ottoman

Upholstered ottomans feature padded tops or lids, making them a comfortable seating option. When choosing your ottoman or blanket box, consider what you will be using it for and whether or not it will be doubling up as a seat to help you determine how much padding you would like. Many ottomans feature streamlined padded tops for a smooth contemporary look whilst a buttoned top upholstered ottoman offers traditional style with added comfort. Companies like Just Ottomans will also send you a free fabric sample too making selection easy!


Top Tip 2 – Opening Mechanism

Fabric ottoman opening mechanismThere are many different types of opening mechanisms which we will discuss in a future blogs. When choosing your ottoman ensure that it has a safe opening mechanism. Hydraulic lifting mechanisms enable easy opening and closing the lid of your fabric ottoman, meaning no heavy lifting for you! Not only do hydraulics open the ottoman up with ease, they also keep the top open whilst you store or retrieve your blankets, therefore stopping it from slamming shut, reducing the risk of trapped fingers or accidents. Lift off tops on blanket boxes, have been designed for children and allow lids to be completely removed also reducing the chances of any trapped fingers or accidents.

Top Tip 3 – The Upholstery

Upholstered ottomans and blanket boxes are available in a variety of choices from fabrics such as chenille-style fabric and linens through to faux leather and suede. When deciding on your preferred upholstery, opt for a style that complements your existing décor to make your ottoman blend seamlessly with the rest of your furniture. Alternatively, opt for a contrasting style to make your ottoman stand out and make a striking statement. Whatever you decide, request a free fabric sample to ensure the fabric is to your liking before going ahead and placing your order.

Top Tip 4 – The Strength

The strength and build of your new blanket box is an important point to consider- especially if you plan on using it as bench or seat. Look for resilient base materials to ensure your ottoman has the strength to withstand prolonged or repetitive use as a seat and if in doubt, get in touch for more information.

Top Tip 5 – Size up your Space

Measure the space for your fabric blanket boxDon’t make the mistake of placing an order without measuring up your bedroom or living area first (believe me, you wouldnt be the first!).

Decide on the area you want to place your new ottoman and then be sure to choose one slightly smaller than the space to ensure a good fit, whilst measuring the length of the space, then the depth and also dont forget the height.

All of our fabric blanket boxes are available with these dimensions in centimetres ensuring you can easily ensure the ottoman will fit correctly.


Top Tip 6 – Choose Complementary Colours

Choosing the correct colour is just as important as choosing the right size, material and style. Your new ottoman is going to bring style to your home, as well as practicality and convenience, so be sure to choose an ottoman finished in a colour to complement your style. Consider the colour of your walls, bed or lounge room furniture to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Top Tip 7 – Flat Pack or Ready Assembled

Flat packed furniture can be a nightmare – missing screws, complicated instructions and the need for tools you can’t find can all cause chaos when trying to assemble a flat packed item. However with ottomans and blanket boxes there aren’t too many parts and building ottomans should be a breeze. However if DIY is not your thing then choose a ottoman blanket box that comes delivered fully assembled. An assembled ottoman delivered straight to your door means you can place it in your preferred space and start using it straight away without having to spend time constructing it first.

Top Tip 8 – Have it made to Order

Have something in mind but can’t find a perfect match? Why not have your ideal ottoman made to order to your personal specifications. Choose your style, size, fabric and colour and have your perfect ottoman handcrafted just for you. Handcrafted pieces are not only bespoke to you but also exceed the quality of mass produced factory manufactured furniture, so you can be sure your new ottoman is going to be premium quality. We offer a selection of ottomans which can be made to your specification, why not contact us today to find out more.

Top Tip 9 – Delivery

When making a purchase in store or online, you’re going to want something available as soon as possible – after all, we rarely spend our money on products we can’t enjoy quickly. With this in mind, opt for a company that offers an express delivery option so you can have your new ottoman in no time.

Top Tip 10 – Buy British

Buy a British manufactured fabric blanket boxBuying from local manufacturers and suppliers not only improves and maintains the British economy but also ensures your new furniture has been meticulously manufactured by qualified craftsman using only quality materials in an ethical workplace.

By following our 10 top tips for buying fabric ottomans, you’re sure to find the ideal ottoman to perfectly complement your bedroom or home. Browse the wide range in a variety of styles and sizes and discover your ideal ottoman today.




What is an Ottoman Blanket Box?

An ottoman is a low, upholstered or wooden footrest or bench that can often be used for storage or as extra seating when necessary. Generally without back or arm rests and with a lot of padding – the ottoman is diverse in its uses, and is often referred to as a blanket box. Coming in many sizes, ottomans can be small; pouffe-like which make great footstools, whilst the larger versions can often be used as boutique-styled seating areas or even a unique coffee table!


The history of the ottoman is an interesting, yet debated topic – the Encyclopaedia Britannica states that they were introduced to Europe in the late 18th Century from Turkey. At the time Turkey was part of the notorious Ottoman Empire… So you can certainly see the connection there! The ottoman started life as a large seating area, so large in fact that it could fit around 3 walls in a room. It was only in later years that the ottoman reduced in size and could fit neatly into a corner… Allegedly the Turkish version was used as family seating and was constantly covered in cushions to provide extra comfort.
Another theory goes back even further – In the 13th Century Turkish people of the Ottoman empire took to covering stools in vibrant, brightly coloured fabrics, yet it wasn’t until early 1800’s Europe that the word ‘ottoman’ was actually used to describe an upholstered stool.
Or could it have come from closer to home? Another theory is that the word ottoman was derived from the French word ‘ottomane.’
-Whatever its origins, the ottomans rise to popularity has been great.  They can now be bought in every home store; whether in a shop or online – they’ve certainly come a long way from their exotic beginnings.


The Classic – Simple, box-like ottoman, with a hinged top that can be opened and used as a storage tool. Some may not open at all – these make great stools or even tables (try a wooden classic ottoman for this).
Others also have little legs which add to the boutique feel – allowing you to pick from a whole range of finishes; from dark wood to light. There is always bound to be a leg finish to match your interior style.

The Pouffe – Smaller, more compact version of the classic. Can be storage or a stool, but both are equally useful in small houses or flats where floor space is at a minimum. Why compromise on comfort or style?

The Workbox – Similar to the pouffe, but as a general rule is not padded for comfort and is more for storage than anything else! The Workbox is as versatile as it is handy – this little box will work well in any room in the house.

The Drawers – Developed from the classic, the drawers have all the style of the ottoman but with drawers for storage. Essentially just low chest of drawers, these would look great in a bedroom setting.


As we previously stated, the Ottoman is diverse in its uses – from simply just a storage tool to a cute window seat (Tip: Always make sure that the ottoman you purchase is able to be sat on, otherwise you could end up with a broken ottoman on your hands!) Another great use of an ottoman is as a blanket box, placed at the end of your divan or bed frame, these ottomans will provide ample storage for your quilt covers and extra bed linen. Some ottomans come with drawers (example shown in the fabric ottomans illustrated in the image above) another useful way of adding storage drawers in your bedroom which is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.
Larger, flatter types make ideal coffee tables – just place in the middle of the room and watch the transformation. Less padded versions, with wooden or metal finishes tend to be sturdier and so would make great little side tables in a living area too.

The possibilities are endless with an Ottoman!


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The Wooden Classic 



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Brand New Children’s Toy Boxes Exclusive To Just Ottomans!

Just as it’s getting too cold for your little ones to play outside, to help keep your home in order and free of clutter and children’s toys, we offer you a brand new and exclusive selection of fantastic children’s toy boxes in a wide variety of fabulous fabrics!

Not only are these lovely toy boxes perfect for storing a large number of toys, games, books or even shoes, with rounded corners and soft top padded lids, they double up as comfortable and funky stools. These affordable toy boxes feature lift-off tops preventing any potential injuries from hinged lids found on other ottomans thus making them the perfect accessory for any child’s bedroom or playroom.

With small or large toy boxes available in a vast array of fabric colours and patterns, we are certain we have something to suit every child, whether a boy, a girl, a keen gardener or a cake lover! Why not view them now in our Childrens Toy Box Section.

Wipe Clean Toy Boxes

For added practicality, some of our new children’s toy boxes are upholstered in a wipe clean PVC material. Children’s toys and furniture often suffer from daily wear and tear leaving rips, marks and general damage. However, this PVC material not only increases the resilience of the ottoman, but prevents any lasting marks or staining and keeps it looking fresh and bright year after year.

Our wipe clean collection includes the wonderful World Map Toy Box. Featuring labelled countries, oceans and quirky illustrations representing certain areas, teaching your child basic geography, this fantastic toy box is educational as well as colourful and practical.

For those with a sweet tooth we have the deliciously decadent Fairy Cake Toy Box. This baby pink ottoman boasts a mouth watering selection of beautifully decorated cup cakes and could be the ideal place to store your little chef’s first baking bits and bobs.

Fabric Toy Boxes

This exclusive collection of children’s toy boxes also includes a variety of lovely fabric ottomans. The Home Sweet Home Upholstered Toy Box is ideal for any little girl’s bedroom. With a baby pink background, multi coloured houses and fluffy clouds, this charming toy box will take pride of place in your princess’ bedroom.

Any young explorer will love the Around the World Upholstered Toy Box. In striking blues, greens and yellows, this lively toy box boldly illustrates world famous landmarks, from the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben to the Pyramids of Egypt, and is sure to stand out in any adventurer’s bedroom.

Head over to our children’s section to take a look at the rest of this brilliant collection of lovely children’s upholstered or wipe clean toy boxes. If, like us, you love this exclusive collection of toy boxes and are looking for something extra to set off your child’s bedroom, we are keen to let you know that we have matching headboards for a number of these ottomans which can be found at