10 Top Tips For Buying a Fabric Ottoman Blanket Box

An Ottoman is a practical, space saving option for any bedroom or living room. As with any furniture, choosing the ideal fabric Ottoman or blanket box for your home is an important decision with many factors to consider, so we’ve created a guide with 10 top tips to help you find the ottoman perfect for you and your interior space.

Top Tip 1 – The Padding

Tip 1 - Check the padding of the fabric ottoman

Upholstered ottomans feature padded tops or lids, making them a comfortable seating option. When choosing your ottoman or blanket box, consider what you will be using it for and whether or not it will be doubling up as a seat to help you determine how much padding you would like. Many ottomans feature streamlined padded tops for a smooth contemporary look whilst a buttoned top upholstered ottoman offers traditional style with added comfort. Companies like Just Ottomans will also send you a free fabric sample too making selection easy!


Top Tip 2 – Opening Mechanism

Fabric ottoman opening mechanismThere are many different types of opening mechanisms which we will discuss in a future blogs. When choosing your ottoman ensure that it has a safe opening mechanism. Hydraulic lifting mechanisms enable easy opening and closing the lid of your fabric ottoman, meaning no heavy lifting for you! Not only do hydraulics open the ottoman up with ease, they also keep the top open whilst you store or retrieve your blankets, therefore stopping it from slamming shut, reducing the risk of trapped fingers or accidents. Lift off tops on blanket boxes, have been designed for children and allow lids to be completely removed also reducing the chances of any trapped fingers or accidents.

Top Tip 3 – The Upholstery

Upholstered ottomans and blanket boxes are available in a variety of choices from fabrics such as chenille-style fabric and linens through to faux leather and suede. When deciding on your preferred upholstery, opt for a style that complements your existing décor to make your ottoman blend seamlessly with the rest of your furniture. Alternatively, opt for a contrasting style to make your ottoman stand out and make a striking statement. Whatever you decide, request a free fabric sample to ensure the fabric is to your liking before going ahead and placing your order.

Top Tip 4 – The Strength

The strength and build of your new blanket box is an important point to consider- especially if you plan on using it as bench or seat. Look for resilient base materials to ensure your ottoman has the strength to withstand prolonged or repetitive use as a seat and if in doubt, get in touch for more information.

Top Tip 5 – Size up your Space

Measure the space for your fabric blanket boxDon’t make the mistake of placing an order without measuring up your bedroom or living area first (believe me, you wouldnt be the first!).

Decide on the area you want to place your new ottoman and then be sure to choose one slightly smaller than the space to ensure a good fit, whilst measuring the length of the space, then the depth and also dont forget the height.

All of our fabric blanket boxes are available with these dimensions in centimetres ensuring you can easily ensure the ottoman will fit correctly.


Top Tip 6 – Choose Complementary Colours

Choosing the correct colour is just as important as choosing the right size, material and style. Your new ottoman is going to bring style to your home, as well as practicality and convenience, so be sure to choose an ottoman finished in a colour to complement your style. Consider the colour of your walls, bed or lounge room furniture to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Top Tip 7 – Flat Pack or Ready Assembled

Flat packed furniture can be a nightmare – missing screws, complicated instructions and the need for tools you can’t find can all cause chaos when trying to assemble a flat packed item. However with ottomans and blanket boxes there aren’t too many parts and building ottomans should be a breeze. However if DIY is not your thing then choose a ottoman blanket box that comes delivered fully assembled. An assembled ottoman delivered straight to your door means you can place it in your preferred space and start using it straight away without having to spend time constructing it first.

Top Tip 8 – Have it made to Order

Have something in mind but can’t find a perfect match? Why not have your ideal ottoman made to order to your personal specifications. Choose your style, size, fabric and colour and have your perfect ottoman handcrafted just for you. Handcrafted pieces are not only bespoke to you but also exceed the quality of mass produced factory manufactured furniture, so you can be sure your new ottoman is going to be premium quality. We offer a selection of ottomans which can be made to your specification, why not contact us today to find out more.

Top Tip 9 – Delivery

When making a purchase in store or online, you’re going to want something available as soon as possible – after all, we rarely spend our money on products we can’t enjoy quickly. With this in mind, opt for a company that offers an express delivery option so you can have your new ottoman in no time.

Top Tip 10 – Buy British

Buy a British manufactured fabric blanket boxBuying from local manufacturers and suppliers not only improves and maintains the British economy but also ensures your new furniture has been meticulously manufactured by qualified craftsman using only quality materials in an ethical workplace.

By following our 10 top tips for buying fabric ottomans, you’re sure to find the ideal ottoman to perfectly complement your bedroom or home. Browse the wide range in a variety of styles and sizes and discover your ideal ottoman today.