Space Saving Tips For Any Living Room

As more and more of us opt for smaller homes to save money, finding ways to make the most of the space that you have is a must. Whether you have a small living room and are looking for ways to increase storage, or you’re simply looking for space-saving tips to keep things free of clutter, knowing how to save on space effectively can make all the difference. Maximising the space you have can be as simple as rearranging furniture or putting up some shelves and here, we’re exploring a few tips to help you get started.

Invest In An Ottoman Or Two

Call us biased, but we believe ottomans are an incredible way to save space in any room, not just a living room. Whether you use them as a seat, a footstool, a coffee table or something else entirely, ottomans offer the ability to not only store things inside but can still be used in other ways to prevent taking up any unnecessary space. Our wooden ottomans, for example, can be doubled as coffee tables, providing storage for spare cushions, magazines, newspapers or any other living room clutter you may have, while our upholstered ottomans or pouffes and stools double as spare seating options for guests.


Use Shelves

For living rooms that might lack in floor space but have plenty of room on the walls, shelving is a foolproof way of adding more storage space for living room clutter without using any floor space at all. You can display photos or ornaments, books, stereos and more. Whatever you can safely fit on a shelf can have a permanent home there to save space.

Consider Multi-Purpose Furniture

Just like our ottomans can serve multiple purposes, so can a number of other incredible furniture options. Sofas that fold out into beds can prevent the need for a guest room or trundle bed, while tray tables that detach from legs which can then be neatly folded away make for convenient and useful furniture and accessory ideas that don’t require a huge amount of space.

Mount The TV On The Wall

If you do have a flat-screen TV, have you considered mounting it on a wall in your living room? By putting the TV up in empty wall space, you can either ditch the console table and open up the floor to other furniture options, or even leave it free for a bit of extra storage room. If you do decide to get rid of a console table, you could use the space for additional seating, for storage, or a mix of both – whatever you need, the space could be available just by mounting the TV.

Use Nesting Tables 

Nesting tables are a convenient way of bringing more than one coffee table into the living room when they aren’t needed all the time. Having a set of two or three tables together in one nested format offers you the opportunity to only bring out the extra furniture when it’s needed without having to find alternate storage places. If you’re having friends or family over that need somewhere to put a drink, pull out the nested tables, and then tuck them neatly back away when the time comes to clear up. 

Saving space in the living room is relatively simple if you think smartly about how you want to use the room you do have. From multi-use furniture like ottomans and sofa beds, to freeing up floor space by mounting the TV on the wall, even the smallest change can make a huge difference. For more information or to take a look at our range of stylish multi-use ottomans, have a browse of the website or get in touch with our team, today.