What You Need To Know About Ottoman Beds Before You Buy

In an age where storage seems to be a common issue in homes across the world, ottoman beds have offered a multi-use solution. Ottoman beds are a type of bed that use gas-lift hydraulics to lift and hold up the base, revealing storage space underneath to hold any number of bits and pieces you may need to store. From packing away spare sheets, duvets or pillows, to using the space for clothes, books, shoes or something else entirely, the possibilities are endless. If you’ve been considering an ottoman bed or have just been looking for storage solutions for your bedroom, here’s everything you need to know ottoman beds before you buy.

Pictured: Francesco Charcoal Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Sizing Options

Ottoman beds typically come in the standard bed sizes available on the market, which includes singles, small doubles, full doubles, king size and super king size beds. The storage capacity will, of course, differ according to these sizes, their height and how they open, but you can expect the following storage capacity for the most common bed sizes:

  • Single/Twin – 15.11 Cubic Feet
  • Double Bed – 21.20 Cubic Feet
  • King Bed – 24.72 Cubic Feet
  • Super King Bed – 30.22 Cubic Feet

The Types Of Opening

Ottoman beds can open in one of three different ways – A side lift, end lift and half lift. The side and end lifts are the most common, offering maximum storage capacity without the need for the room for drawers. They operate as follows:

  • Side Lift

Side lift ottoman beds open along the side of the bed, which works well for rooms with limited space or where one side of the bed isn’t as easily accessible. They can feature different sections, usually two with one in each section of a divan base, though can also come as one large section where possible. The Franca Upholstered ottoman side-lift bed is a perfect example of a two-part side-lift ottoman, available in five different sizes and 25 different swatches to suit any bedroom design.

  • End Lift

End lift ottoman beds lift from the foot-end of the bed. They provide easy access to both sides of the storage and once again, can come in either single or multi-section options. The Franca Upholstered ottoman full end lift bed offers two sections for sizes above a single, and comes in four different sizing options to suit any room. 

The Lage Grey Upholstered ottoman bed frame, however, is an end-lift ottoman bed that features only one section, and comes in three sizes, including small double, double and king size.

  • Half Lift

Half-lift ottomans are convenient for small rooms with slanted ceilings, or where you may want both drawer and under-bed storage options. This can maximise storage options in awkwardly-shaped rooms. Our Franca Upholstered Ottoman Half Lift Bed is a great compromise between an ottoman and a divan. It also comes in two sizes – double, and king size, and 20+ swatch options.

What Mattress Can I Use?

One thing you need to be aware of before buying an ottoman bed is that due to their lifting operation, you want to be careful with the weight of the mattress you choose. The majority of mattresses will be suitable for an ottoman bed frame providing that you choose the right size for the bed frame, but some may be too heavy or may make lifting difficult for you or the person using the bed. The best way to decide on the ideal mattress is to speak to the retailer to ask about weight.

Are They Safe?

One concern we hear from our customers is whether ottoman beds are safe, particularly for children. While ottoman beds are safe and always go through rigorous testing prior to being released for purchase, using an ottoman bed in a child’s room will be a case of personal choice. They can provide a great storage solution for smaller rooms and store toys, blankets or clothes, but if you are concerned about safety, you could opt for any of our other ottomans or children’s toy box ottomans instead. The Panda Upholstered Toy Box, for example, is a great seating and storage solution available in three fun colours and patterns, and two different sizes.

Ottoman beds are a great way to increase the available storage in your bedroom and with plenty of choice of sizes, designs and more, there’s no shortage on possibilities for your bedroom. For more information, feel free to get in touch, or take a look at our full range of ottoman beds, today.