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5 Ways To Style Your New Ottoman

Ottomans come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, and for good reason. These versatile pieces of furniture are an ideal storage solution for a bedroom, living room, dining room or frankly any room in your home you see fit and with plenty of ways to style and use them in your home, they offer endless possibilities. From using a drape or table runner to create a stylish surface, to using your ottoman as a coffee table, here are just 5 ways you can style your new ottoman.

Pick The Right Size

First thing’s first, before you even order an ottoman you need to make sure you’re getting the right size for the space you have. There are two ways of doing this – picking an ottoman that compliments that other furniture in the room, and picking one that makes it stand out as a centrepiece. Depending on your intended use, you’ll want to keep it at roughly the same height as the sofa, bed or couch, though in a bedroom in particular, a slightly shorter ottoman at the foot of the bed can still blend in well.

Selma Two-Tone Solid Wood Blanket Box

Use A Throw Or A Runner

If you want to make your ottoman a centrepiece or a stand-out piece of furniture in your living room or bedroom, using a table runner or a small blanket or throw can soften an otherwise hard-looking wooden ottoman, or add a unique contrast to an upholstered one. Ottomans offer a visual interest to a room as standard, but with the right accessory decoration, they can become a well-integrated storage option that enhances the decor too.

Use It As A Coffee Table

Cologne Grey washes Sliding Top Pine Ottoman

Ottomans are regularly used as coffee tables, and for good reason – having an ottoman in the centre of your living room offers a useful surface for drinks, books, remote controls or whatever you want to place on a table, but with the added benefit of storage space for everything from cushions and throws, to books, magazines and more.

Extra Seating

The right ottoman can make for the perfect additional seating in a living room for guests. Many upholstered ottomans and pouffes are cushioned enough to provide a comfortable place to sit and relax and often at the same comfort level as a couch itself, meaning you always have an extra chair available when there’s an extra person around. When things are normal and the extra seat isn’t needed, it still acts as a useful storage solution for anything you need to tuck away during your average day.

Smoothie Small Upholstered Workbox

Kid’s Play Table

Whether you order a children’s blanket box or a wooden ottoman, they offer a unique play space for kids that can keep bedrooms, living rooms and any other rooms tidy. With child-friendly fabrics and wood varnishes, they can be easy to wipe off from drawing, painting or general grime and offer somewhere for toys or craft supplies to be kept when they aren’t in use without disrupting the surrounding space.

Panda Upholstered Toy Box

Hopefully these style ideas have helped you start your journey to finding the perfect ottoman. For more information about the ottomans available here on our website, or to find the perfect fit for your home, get in touch with a member of our team or take a look through our products, today.