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Make The Most Of Your Ottoman With These 8 Uses

If you’ve been looking to buy an ottoman, chances are you already know just how convenient they can be. Perfect as a stylish storage solution, ottomans and blanket boxes come in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes, meaning they can fit into any room in any odd spot without too much trouble. All that’s really left to do is decide what you want to store inside. If you don’t already have a designated  We’ve got eight potential uses to help you get started.

An Organiser

Need a bit of extra storage in your living room or office for those important documents? Whether you work from home or just have a lot of paperwork you need to store, an ottoman could easily be fitted as an organiser or filing cabinet. Whether you add files, boxes or baskets to add segments to the space or just pop your paperwork directly into the space, it can be a great way to keep things all in one place and not laying about cluttering your home.

A Toy Box

What better way to tidy away all the clutter and toys your kids leave laying around than with a convenient ottoman? Doubling up as a seat for them to perch on, an ottoman toy chest makes it easy to tidy up at the end of the day with one place to put all of the toys and teddys to keep things clear as much as possible. What’s more, they can be set up in a nursery or bedroom, or in a living room for convenient toy access throughout the day.

Pictured: Jungle Upholstered Toy Box

Craft Boxes

Whether you’re a crafty person yourself or your kids have a love for all things arts and crafts, ottomans make for a great place to tuck away your supplies when they’re not being used. Whether it’s boxes of beads or sewing stuff, or balls of yarn, papers, glues and frankly anything else you can think of, an ottoman can help give you a place to tidy away all of the clutter if you don’t have the space for a craft room in your home.

Dress Up Boxes

Dressing up is undoubtedly one of the most fun things a kid can do, embarking on make-believe adventures dressed up as their favourite characters or animals to spend the day as someone else. At the end of that day or when they’re done and want to move on to the next activity, you can pop the costumes back into the ottoman and they’re tidied away ready for the next make-believe adventure.


Whether you’ve got loads of shoes, or just have nowhere to put the few pairs you have, an ottoman offers a useful storage solution to keep them from cluttering up the hallway. Set up the ottoman by your front door for easy access to shoes as you leave, and somewhere to pop them on your way back in. There’ll be no more manic searches for your shoes when you’re already late and if you have kids, you can even double it up as somewhere for them to sit while they put their shoes on and get ready to leave.

Double Up As A Coffee Table

Multi-use furniture is becoming more and more common, from storage beds to footstools that double as temporary spare seating – they all offer more than one use and save on space at the same time. Larger ottomans can make perfect coffee tables that not only offer you a solid surface for drinks or remote controls, but will provide ample storage for anything from magazines and books, to cushions and throws. Our Selma Two-Tone Solid Wood Blanket Box, for example, provides plenty of storage space and a unique design for any living room. Pop a runner over the top for a softer finish and to protect the wood top. 

Store Bedding

One of the best places to keep an ottoman is at the end of your bed, and where better to store your bedding? Whether it’s spare sheets, a spare quilt or even an extra blanket or two for the particularly chilly nights, ottomans are ideal. They also provide a more solid surface to perch on when getting dressed or even an alternate bedside table, with room to place books, laptops and more.

Store Memories 

Finally, if you’ve stored all that needs to be stored, why not use the ottoman to store your more precious items that won’t fit on the shelf? You can use your ottoman as secure and safe storage for photo albums, letters, significant clothing items or anything else you hold dear that needs a place to sit. They’ll be safe and organised in a blanket box, and easily accessible any time you feel like a trip down memory lane.

For more information about our blanket boxes or what you can use them for, feel free to get in touch with our team or have a browse of our full range and see what suits you and your home best.