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Winter Is Coming: Here’s How To Store Your Summer Clothes

As much as most of us want to cling onto those warmer days, winter really is just around the corner and for most of us, that means breaking out those warm jumpers, jeans and other seasonal garments, and saying goodbye to our summer wardrobe. For those of us in need of a bit of extra space for all those bulky winter jumpers, this means storing away summer clothes until the weather warms up again, but what is the best way to do it? Here, we’ve put together some tips to help you store your clothes and prevent damp, deterioration and more.

  1. Wash Everything First

Washing dirty laundry is a given, but before storing any clothes away, including those in your drawers or wardrobe, it’s best to take the time to run it all through the washing machine and dry it thoroughly before storing. Dirt and dust can get on your clothes even when tucked away in the drawers, so a quick wash will ensure they’re clean and fresh, ready to be stored away. This can prevent staining or that musty smell that can come from stored clothes, meaning come spring next year, all you have to do is pull them out of storage.

  1. Sort And Clear Out

Now is the perfect opportunity to go through your clothes and donate or throw out the ones you don’t wear anymore. If you see anything in your drawers or wardrobe that isn’t suitable for winter and you haven’t worn it all summer, it may be time to consider donating it or passing it on to someone who’ll get more use from it. We’re all guilty of keeping hold of garments because we might wear it one day, but from time to time, it’s best to be brutal and sort through our clothes ruthlessly, making room for new purchases.

  1. Does It Need To Be Hung Up?

Not all summer clothes are fold-friendly. Certain materials don’t take kindly to being folded or rolled up, so may need to be popped into a garment bag and hung up in your wardrobe. This is particularly important for more delicate items, or where the material is likely to crease up while stored. As a general rule, formal wear such as expensive dresses, suits and similar will need to be hung up in a breathable clothes bag, where mould and mildew can’t build up.

  1. Invest In Good Storage

So you have your clothes sorted – now what? Well, you’ll need a good place to store the clothes and unfortunately, a carrier bag at the bottom of your wardrobe won’t do it. Instead, you should invest in good storage solutions and call us biased, but an ottoman makes the perfect spot. Ottomans offer easy access to clothes if you’ve stored something accidentally, with the additional use of offering an extra surface in your room as a seat or a table, and will often sit nearly at the end of your bed or as a bedside table. Ottoman beds offer the same benefit, but without the need to find additional room for an ottoman – the storage is under your bed, easily accessible with assisted lift functions.

Pictured: Levante Cream and Bordeaux Oak Blanket Box
  1. Don’t Overfill

Overfilling clothes storage can undo all your hard work of washing and nearly packing away your summer clothes. Overfilling can lead to the lid not shutting, or simply offer more opportunity for damp to build up in the small, dark spaces between the garments. By avoiding overfilling, you can ensure that everything is stored safely and securely.

  1. Be Smart With Packing Styles

If you find yourself running out of space to store things, you can try rolling your clothes up rather than folding them. Rolling clothes is a good way to avoid wrinkles and fit more into limited space without overfilling or overcrowding. For garments particularly prone to holding onto damp, such as swimsuits and towel cloth, you could store these in vacuum bags to ensure that they’ll not only stay fresh, but avoid contaminating the other clothes in storage if they were to develop mould.

Storing summer clothes doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal – with the right ottoman and storage techniques, your summer clothes will be packed away, ready and waiting for the next big heatwave. Happy packing!