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Create A Jungle Hangout Bedroom For Your Kids With These Tips

Themed rooms for kids can be a great way to inject some fun into a bedroom, playroom or other space. Jungle themes are an ideal, neutral but exciting way to bring nature and wildlife into the space while encouraging imagination and creativity in your kids. Watch them embark on jungle adventures as explorers and sleep under jungle canopies with a simple jungle hangout bedroom.

Keep The Furniture On Theme

From the bed and drawers, through to tables and storage, keeping the furniture on theme will help blend everything together to truly cement the theme. Wooden furniture will fit in best with a woodland or jungle theme on it’s own, but you can also get the same uniform effect by choosing by colour. White offers a simple base that’s easy to repurpose as your child grows, or you could opt for leafy greens, browns and beige tones to really invoke that jungle atmosphere. 

Our Jungle Upholstered Toy Box is the perfect storage solution for a jungle themed bedroom, offering a multi-purpose piece that will blend in perfectly. Available in two different sizes and two different patterns, you can match it perfectly to your child’s room as both an ottoman for storage, and a comfortable stool.

Try Out Fun Wallpaper

Nowadays, fun but stylish prints are common when it comes to wallpaper, which just so happens to offer a quick and easy way to create a jungle theme in your child’s bedroom. Whether you cover ever wall with animal-themed paper, or stick to one wall for a dense jungle backdrop, trying out fun wallpaper designs can be a great way to not only create that theme, but to spend some time with your children picking out the design and, if you’re up to the challenge, decorating.

Use Real And Fake House Plants

No jungle theme is complete without plants. Whether you choose real house plants or fake ones will depend on your own personal preference and lifestyle, but both can offer the same overall jungle feeling. Real plants can be a great way to encourage your child to get into routines with watering and caring for them, as well as providing all the benefits of increase O2 production in the room. These benefits include better sleep, reduced stress and improved mood.

To fit the theme, tall, dark-green leafy plants fit in best, however feel free to play with colour and style to suit the theme and your child’s own preferences. Similarly, the use of fake vine can really bring the jungle theme to life. Try wrapping it around furniture or using it to hang things from the walls for an authentic finish.

Decorate With Stuffed Toys And Fake Furs

No jungle is complete without animals, and what better way to create that jungle look than with plenty of them dotted about? Stuffed animals, toys and even figured can be used to create your child’s very own animal kingdom, whether that’s bundled up on a wall in a net ready for play at any time, or dotted around the room as you see fit.

Similarly, fake furs and animal print can create a cosy Jungle bedroom, whether that’s in the form of a rug, a blanket or even pillows and cushions for the ultimate comfortable jungle experience.