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Treat Yourself This New Year: Why An Ottoman Is The Perfect Addition To Your Home

While Christmas and New Year’s Day may be well and truly behind us, 2021 is looking to be another year where self-love and care are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. From taking extra care to look after yourself and your loved ones to revamping the home to create a more comfortable and nurturing environment, making a few moves to keep your chin up through the pandemic can make a world of difference. Treat yourself this new year to set yourself on the right foot – here’s why we think an ottoman should be your treat of choice.

Extra Storage

Darren Slate Grey Linen Upholstered Ottoman

Somehow, without fail, every year after the winter holiday season, we’re always left struggling for space. You can try and pack the decorations back into the box they came in and yet somehow, something doesn’t fit quite right. The same can be said for everything from tablecloths, to leftover wrapping paper, unwritten Christmas cards and other bits and pieces you’ve picked up over the past weeks. Ottomans provide a bit of extra storage space for those things that need to be tucked away until the next festive period. 

Extra Seating In A Pinch

Normandy Faux Leather and Suede Twin Lid Ottoman

While we might not be able to entertain guests just yet, an ottoman can offer extra seating in a pinch when things open back up again. An upholstered ottoman in the living room offers another soft and comfortable surface for guests or even just for taking a perch for a moment during the day. An ottoman at the end of the bed in your bedroom offers you somewhere to sit while getting ready in the mornings, while doubling up as storage for blankets, cushions and other linen. Taller ottomans could even be used as an extra stool at the dinner table for your next family meal – the possibilities are endless.

Easy To Use In Any Room

The sheer range and variety of ottomans available on the market today, a huge number of which we stock here at Just Ottomans, means that there is truly something for every space and room in the home. In the living room, a large wooden Ottoman could double as a coffee table, or an upholstered ottoman could double as a footstool or extra seating. In a bedroom, any ottoman will look great by the bed, offering storage and somewhere to perch while putting on your shoes. On a similar note, an ottoman in the hallway as shoe storage doubles as a seating option when you’re just about to leave the house. 

Levante Kashmir Ash and Bordeaux Oak 4 Drawer Bed Box Chest

In kids bedrooms, ottomans act as toyboxes and tables at the same time, offering a strong surface for colouring or crafts, which opens up to store away any toys or crafting materials for another day. In a home office, an ottoman could be used for paperwork storage while acting as a footrest or somewhere different to sit while making calls. There really are a huge number of places and there isn’t a single room in the home where an ottoman couldn’t fit in and be of some use.

For more information about our ottomans and how they could fit into your home, feel free to contact a member of our team, today.