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Our Tips For Decorating Your New Nursery

While the UK might not have had quite the baby boom we were expecting throughout the pandemic, babies are still being born across the country. If you are expecting, life still needs to go on despite lockdown measures, and one way to introduce some normality into your pregnancy is the creation and decoration of your baby’s nursery or bedroom. From making sure everything is practical and ready for a newborn, to making sure there is plenty of storage space, here are our top tips for decorating your new nursery.

Choose The Right Room

Practicality is the biggest thing you need to focus on when it comes to choosing and decorating your new nursery. If you have the benefit of being able to choose rooms, make sure you pick the quietest room that is close to your bedroom. Things like the temperature of the room or how much light there is can be adapted and adjusted, but the amount of traffic or noise going on around a room is difficult to change.

Treat It Like Any Other Room In Your Home

When it comes to decorating, it’s important to consider the rest of your home’s decor. If you have an ongoing theme throughout the whole house, you can still continue that theme into the nursery, and simply add finishing touches that make the room baby-friendly. Having a room that matches the rest of your home that can be adjusted and adapted as your baby grows will not only save you money down the line, but will help the room to look like a continuation of your home, rather than something out of place.

Make Sure There Is Plenty Of Storage

Babies need a lot of stuff, particularly as they grow older and start to crawl and toddle around your home. From bottles and sleep suits, to bouncers and toys, having ample room to store things when they’re not in use will help keep your home and your mind clutter and stress-free. Of course, there will always be baby stuff outside of the nursery, but having an organised place to tuck away things that aren’t in use can be a godsend during busy and hectic times. 

A children’s ottoman can be a great place to store spare blankets and clothes and other bits and pieces for your baby. As your baby grows to crawl and walk and toddle around, it can be adapted to function as a toy box or a spare seat. Our Jungle Upholstered Ottoman, for example, is perfect for children of any age, and it’s easily-wipeable but cushioned nature makes it perfect for a child’s bedroom.

Keep Things In Reach Of The Changing Table

Before the baby even arrives, it’s important to make sure that everything you could possibly need is in reach of the changing table. Take the weeks running up to your due date to create a list or an organised plan of where things will be to save yourself from being caught out. Nappies, wipes, changing table covers, laundry baskets, bins, muslin cloths, spare nappies and wipes, a dummy and even a spare change of clothes should all be within reach to cover every eventuality. Being able to just grab something without having to walk away from your baby will help to reduce the stress of nappy changing time for both you and your little one.

Think About Blocking Out The Light

Babies sleep whenever babies want to sleep and while some can sleep soundly even in the daylight, having the ability to block out daylight and create a dark room at any time of day will help to improve their sleep and even encourage naptime if they’re struggling to drift off. Black-out curtains or simply a heavy enough curtain or shade can limit the light enough to create the illusion of nighttime and help your baby fall asleep.

Ask Your Family For Input

Whether it’s asking siblings to help decorate to save you doing any hefty work while pregnant, or turning to grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives for decorations and pictures for the walls, enlisting the help of your family where you can can help to not only take some of the weight off your shoulders, but create a cosy, family-oriented space that’s perfect for a newborn. Pictures of relatives they wont see in person often and handmade items from relatives such as blankets and toys all deserve a place in the nursery and can make the perfect final touch.

Start Neutral And Add Colour As You Go

As fast as your baby will grow, so will their likes, dislikes and preferences. While a newborn is unlikely to have strong feelings about the colour of their room, keeping the main decor a neutral tone and adding brighter pops of colour or theme throughout will make the decorating job far easier in the future when they do start to pick favourites. Changing pictures, posters and bedding is far easier than stripping and repainting a bedroom a few times a year as your child jumps between different favourite animals or characters!

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