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Making The Most Of Your Guest Bedroom

A spare room in your home holds countless possibilities when it comes to picking out the use it’ll have to your life. If you have guests staying regularly or you simply want a spare bedroom just in case, a guest bedroom is a great use of the space, but how do you make it useful for you and your family when you don’t have guests? Having a space that serves as multi-functional can give you full use of every room in your home – here are our tips for making the most of the space. 

Space-Saving And Multi-Functional Furniture

Picking out the right furniture for a guest bedroom can truly make or break a space. Picking size-conscious and multi-functional pieces can not only save you on space, but may even go some way to creating a multi-use space. A twin bed rather than a double, for example, offers plenty of room left for additional furniture and when paired with a bedside table with storage, offers plenty of functionality for guests. If you don’t have guests staying very often, a sofa bed may suffice as a solution. Create a cosy office or craft room with a sofa bed ready to be pulled out right when it’s needed can be the perfect middle-ground. 

If you want a fully kitted out bedroom ready for guests, whether that’s the grandkids, relatives or friends, consider multi-functional furniture such as an ottoman, or an ottoman bed. Stylish and fitting with any space, ottomans can offer you functionality as a seat or an additional surface, while also providing ample storage space for spare sheets, cushions, blankets and more throughout the time the room isn’t being used.

Create A Reading Nook

For a little escape from your everyday life, particularly in a world where many of us are working from home, creating a comfy little space in your spare bedroom for reading, studying or even just to sit for a quiet half an hour can be a good use of space without giving up the idea of a bedroom. Whether it’s armchairs tucked into corners or around a little table, or you stick with the sofa bed idea and turn the room into a mini library that can convert into a bedroom, the possibilities are endless.

Install A Desk

Space-saving furniture is everywhere lately, and that includes desks. If you’re looking for an office space that can convert to a bedroom, why not opt for a sofa bed, and a desk that can fold down or up against the wall? This way, you can set the desk away when you have guests staying, and tuck the bed back into the sofa when you need the space to work.

Get Creative With Decorating

If you’ve been wanting to try out new design styles, getting creative with the decorating in the spare bedroom is a great place to start. As a lesser used room in the house, you can really go all-out in experimentation without having to worry too much about it being seen by everyone that passes through your home. If you don’t already have the room set up, it offers you a blank canvas to really step back and visualise the perfect space that you want to try, whether that’s as a complete bedroom, or a multi-use space.

Keep It Set Up

If you want to keep the bedroom as exactly that, why not keep it set up year-round? A guest bedroom doesn’t have to be solely for guests – whether you’re decorating another bedroom or you just need a night to sleep in a bed by yourself, having a spare room can be a great way to get some peace and quiet and escape from whatever chaos is ensuing in your home!

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