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Tiny Spaces: Our Ten Tiny Bathroom Tips

Whether you live in a small home or just have an awkwardly small bathroom that you aren’t quite sure what to do with, making the most of the limited space you have can make a huge difference. Turning a small bathroom from an awkward space to a practical part of the home might seem impossible, but with the right lighting, storage and decoration, you could have a fully functional tiny bathroom that you can be proud to use. Here, we’ve compiled ten of our tiny bathroom tips. 

Get Creative With Storage

Call us biased, but we love the idea of multi-purpose storage in any room, and that includes a bathroom. Using ottomans in particular can be a great way to store cleaning supplies, towels and other bathroom-related items, while doubling the ottoman up as a seat or another useful surface to pop your phone, clothes or towels on while using the facilities. It can be a great place to tuck the spare toilet paper too, ensuring you and your guests are never left short. 

Choose The Right Lighting

The right lighting can really open up any space, and for tiny bathrooms, this will make all the difference. You can give the illusion of high ceilings by using wall sconces or cove lighting rather than a traditional hanging pendant light, or use spotlights to open things up more. If your bathroom is particularly narrow, using light on one wall can help give the illusion of a bigger and wider space overall.

Paint A Mural On The Ceiling

The right mural or scene on the ceiling of a room can really open up the space and create the illusion that it is much bigger than it really is. Trick your own and your guests’ eyes with a sky mural, for example – painting the ceiling a beautiful sky blue with some realistic-looking clouds can really give the illusion of an open space, while also acting as the perfect talking point and something to showcase proudly.

Use Diagonal Floor Tiling

Straight tiling could be limiting the appearance of your bathroom, particularly if you’re using tiles that are too small or too dark. Placing floor tiles diagonally will trick the eye into viewing the space as wider and more spacious – this works by drawing the eye to the wider part of the ‘diamond’ and make the angles of the grouting look wider despite still being the same old square tiles and 90-degree angles.

Big Tiles Are Better

Alongside a diagonal lay, using bigger tiles with thinner grouting can give the illusion of more floor space too. Larger tiles will create a less ‘busy’ appearance than smaller ones, which ultimately offers the appearance of a neater, more spaced out floor and in a tiny bathroom, every little helps.

Use The Walls And Door

Using the walls and door as storage solutions for towels, robes, clothes and more can save on floor space, which ultimately makes the space look bigger. The more of the floor that can be seen, the more spacious a room seems. Using hooks rather than a towel rail is a subtle way to offer somewhere to hang towels and robes without adding a more permanent fixture that juts out of the wall. You could put these hooks on the door rather than one of the walls for the same effect.

Use Mirrors

Having mirrors in a bathroom seems like a given, but choosing the right ones could help you increase the look of the room. Mirrors that span across most of or all of a wall can open up the space by creating the illusion that the bathroom is twice the size it actually is. Practically, a large mirror also means that more than one person could have access to the mirror at any one time without fighting for space. 

Try Corner Sinks

Corner sinks are an ideal option for those wanting to save on space and create a unique flow through the bathroom. When the sink is tucked into the corner and made to fit that space, you can reduce the disruption to the floorspace as a whole and open up more room for other storage options.

Or A Trough Sink

If a corner sink isn’t your style, why not try a trough sink? These sinks tend to be more narrow than traditional basins and demand far less space too. They don’t jut out quite as far and despite such a low profile, are still perfectly functional and can even offer room for storage. For those wanting a modern-looking bathroom, a trough sink is perfect.

Pick One Or Two Colours

Finally, it’s important not to get too busy with the overall decor of the bathroom. Designers typically suggest that you stick to one or two colours. Too many colours or patterns can make a space seem smaller, so using one or two colours – typically one for the walls, and one for accents – can be a great way to create a neat, modern bathroom that looks and feels bigger.

For more information about our ottomans and which might fit best in your tiny bathroom, get in touch with a member of our team, today.