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Get Your Head Down With These Cosy Study Nook Tips

Whether you’re heading to uni, are in high school or college, or are even looking to create a study nook at home for your kids, creating a cosy, comfortable space can really make all the difference. Studying comes easier to some of us than others, but one thing we can all benefit from is a dedicated study space that not only functions well but offers us comfort for long hours spent hammering away at books and notes. Whether it’s reducing clutter or creating a seamless organisation system, we’ve put together some of our top tips for creating the perfect study space.

Get Rid Of Clutter

You’ve probably heard some variation on the idea that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind and in most cases, this is definitely true. Having a messy, busy study area can make it difficult to navigate and find things, whether that’s something as simple as a pen, or you’re looking for a particular book or set of notes. Having a lot of distractions around you in the form of clutter can really make it difficult to concentrate and resist procrastination, which is precisely why the first step to creating the best study environment is to clear the clutter. An ottoman can make a good storage solution for books, paperwork, stationery or other general study supplies as a way to keep things tidy between subjects.


Having a good organisation system in place can really help you get going with studying without worrying about finding things at the last minute. Taking the time to set up files and folders for different subjects can be a good place to start, and something as simple as a pen pot can make finding a pen or highlighter a far easier process. An ottoman can also make for a unique and useful storage solution in a number of ways – lining up books, adding baskets for stationery and even adding a box as a filing cabinet can help to create a structured, quick-access organisation solution that doesn’t take up any precious desk room. 

Pick The Right Light

Staring at books or a screen for an extended period of time can be a drain on your eyes at the best of times, but with poor lighting on top, you could be causing yourself unnecessary discomfort or pain. Having a well and evenly lit space to study in can really make all the difference when it comes to how you feel during and after a study session. Poor lighting can cause eye strain, make you feel sleepy and in some cases, even cause headaches. Having a well-lit room with a desk lamp for extra lighting can help to even out the space, and setting your laptop’s brightness and contrast settings to something that suits your eyes best will help you work for longer and more efficiently. If the lights are too bright, however, this could lead to overstimulation, which could tire you out faster or lead to stress or headaches. Natural light is the best alternative, but a lamp can really help brighten up notes when things are dull.

Get Comfy And Personalise

If you’re going to be spending hours of your time at a desk studying, you at least want to make sure that the space is as comfortable as you can get it to make studying your key priority, rather than your discomfort. Ergonomic but comfortable chairs are a good place to start, with cushions or chair covers to offer a softer, more comfortable surface to rest, while things like candles, inspiring pictures, plants and other desk decorations can really help you to create a study space that’s not only comfortable to work in, but that is uniquely your own. This is your place to study and should be set up and decorated as you need, whether that’s something as simple as a few fidget toys for moments where you need to think, or matching stationery for that aesthetically pleasing vibe. 

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