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What To Do With Your Home Office If You’re Back At Work

Whether you’re eager to head back into the office, or you’re mourning the days of being able to work from the comfort of your own home, more and more of us are being encouraged or asked to return to work and leave our home offices behind. For those of us who turned spare rooms into home offices, we’re left with one question – what should you do with the space now? Whether you want to keep the office functional but want to make the most of it during periods of no use, or you want to completely change the purpose of the room, we’ve got some ideas to get you started, below.

Keep The Office But Spruce It Up

While it may seem redundant to keep a home office when you’re officially back at work full time, having a space you can escape to not only for work but for your own projects or even just a quiet moment to yourself can be a godsend when you least expect it. Rather than deconstructing the office space, you can spruce up and adjust the atmosphere to create a comfortable, homely environment for studying, working or even sitting down with a book or a hobby.

  • Use your wall space to your advantage. You can decorate with artwork, new wallpaper, corkboards, family photos or anything you want to include. Refreshing the walls is one of the easiest but more effective ways to create a new atmosphere in any space, and could work perfectly for creating a homely, cosy space.
  • Make the most of storage year-round – you can utilise an ottoman as handy book storage. Our wooden ottomans not only serve purpose as storage for your books or even your stationary, but can be used as an additional seat or surface while working.
  • Refresh with new accessories to really bring the space to life – you could include everything from cushions on your chair, to potted plants to add some fresh greenery to beat the stale office-like environment. Even just a rug can turn a room from an office to a homely work space.

Create A Guest Room

Guest rooms, in our opinion, are an underrated use of spare space. While many do embark on the guest room experience, for those who don’t have many guests staying over, it can seem like a waste of time and space. However, a guest room can serve a purpose as not just somewhere for guests to sleep, but as a second bedroom for you or your family. Feeling unwell one day? You can always sleep in the guest bedroom to avoid passing on sickness to your partner, or enjoy some space to yourself on some nights. To really make the most of the space, you could even invest in an ottoman bed for the perfect solution for storing blankets, spare pillows, towels and more.

Create A Chill Space

From armchairs and bookcases to blankets and cushions, there’s no shortage of things you could include in your very own chill space. We all need an escape from day to day life sometimes and having a room you or your family can go to unwind and relax is an ideal use of space. You can really fill the space with anything that you and your family enjoy – need somewhere to break away and read? Build your very own in-home library. Prefer music or TV? Create a home cinema or music room. You can even utilise the space as a craft room without having to change much from the office layout – just swap out your documents and work-related clutter and replace it with smart craft storage and a comfortable chair to enjoy while you craft.

Or A Play Room

Do you have young children in your household? Solve the problem of messy bedrooms by switching your home office to a playroom! You’ll have more space to keep toys organised and easier to put away, without compromising on floor space for your children to enjoy without blocking walkways to their bed. It’s also an ideal space to put down a sheet or easy-clean rug, pop on a table and let them embark on any messy play or crafts so they can really get stuck in without having to worry about making a mess on the dining room table or their bedroom carpets.

For more ideas on how our ottomans can help bring your new space to life, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team for advice, today.