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Got A Second Bathroom? Here’s How To Make The Most Of It

For those lucky enough to have a second, or maybe even third bathroom or more, it’s likely that you have one particular bathroom you use more than the other(s). For the lesser-used bathrooms, making the most of the space even when in minimal use can really bring it into your daily routine rather than sitting as otherwise wasted space. From the perfect storage area to turning it into a child-oriented space, here are our idea for really making the most of your second bathroom.

Use It! 

The first way to really make the most of your second bathroom is simply to use it. Whether it’s an upstairs bathroom only really used just before bed, or the downstairs bathroom that doesn’t see much use due to hectic work schedules, you can use the bathroom without physically going in there. A second bathroom is convenient for its intended purpose, but can also act as a place to store extra towels, washcloths, toiletries and more. Fill the cupboards with your spares, or even invest in a wooden ottoman for water-resistant towel storage to keep them fresh and clean ready for use when they’re needed. 

Make It A Guest Bathroom 

Whether you only really have guests stay over at Christmas, or your guest room seems to be in constant use, utilising your second bathroom as a guest bathroom can be a great way to give them a bit of extra privacy. Revamping your spare bathroom with guests in mind will not only give them a more comfortable stay but will also provide you with a second bathroom that you’ll feel more inclined to use when you don’t have guests. To make the room as inviting as possible, you could: 

  • Make it brighter with lighter colours and natural light
  • Switch out a shower head for a rain one for a more luxurious touch
  • Limit bathroom clutter
  • Include toiletries in a basket or a cupboard for guest use
  • Provide storage such as drawers, cupboards, towel racks, clothing hooks and more
  • Think about the little things – cotton buds, cotton balls, contact solution and even moisturiser can be an extra little something to make a guests stay easier.
  • Keep it smelling fresh with air fresheners or reed diffusers

Turn It Into The Kids Bathroom

If you’ve got young kids, chances are you spend a lot of your time picking up after them and cleaning. In the bathroom, this can include everything from towels, clothes and toys, to water and soap suds. If you have a spare bathroom, why not turn it into your kids’ main bathroom and decorate accordingly? Having washable paint for the walls, for example, can make it easy to quickly dry off or clean any splashing or grime without risking ruining the paint. You could also consider a bath with a showerhead, making washing small children easier in the tub but keeping a shower in place for when they get older, or for when you’re in a rush and the other bathroom is in use! Finish it off with non-slip tiles and plenty of storage for their toys and toiletries and some other key decor items that your kids can even help you pick out, and you have a kids bathroom ready to go.

Keep Things Fresh

Even though your second bathroom might not be in constant use, it’s still important to keep things clean and tidy. The moisture in a bathroom can make mould and mildew a regular issue, so it’s important to make sure you include it in your cleaning routine regularly. Having a nice smelling air freshener or reed diffuser can also help to keep things fresh and avoid damp, musty smells and ultimately keep your second bathroom in a clean, fresh and usable state.

For Smaller Bathrooms

For those with smaller spare bathrooms, much of the lack of use can come down to there just not being enough space. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to really bring the space to life and make the most of what’s available to you. From tricks with paint and mirrors to make it seem bigger, to ensuring you have the right storage solutions in place, making the most of a small bathroom can be simple. You could: 

  • Use a wall-mounted sink to create additional floor space
  • Hang a towel rack on wasted wall space, such as above the bath or toilet
  • Keep things light to create a brother, more airy feel 
  • Consider full glass-paneled showers to create the illusion of space
  • Turn the bathroom into a wet room to make use of the entire space
  • Use large mirrors to trick the eye into viewing the space as twice the size
  • Use multi-functional furniture such as an ottoman to provide storage and a place to sit, or as another surface for bathroom essentials.

When it comes to your second, or any spare bathroom, making the most of the space can take it from being a wasted room to something you utilise every day in one way or another. Whether you use it as storage, a guest bathroom, a kids bathroom, or something else entirely, the possibilities are endless. For more information about our ottomans and which may be suitable for a bathroom, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.