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Our Guide To Adding Storage To Your Living Room

The living room of the home is, more often than not, the heart of your home. It’s where you relax at the end of the day, where you entertain guests and where you likely spend a lot of your time at home. Living rooms are under a lot of pressure to be functional, convenient and comfortable and for that reason, storage can often be in short supply. Whether it’s books and magazines, ornaments, electronics, board games, cushions or something else entirely, finding places to organise and put away living room clutter can seem impossible. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to add storage to your living room without having to extend the room. Here’s our guide to adding more storage to your living space.

Invest In An Ottoman Or Two

Call us biased, but we believe ottomans are one of the best ways to introduce storage into a space without losing out on practicality. From wooden ottomans that double as coffee tables and can have everything from an opening top to drawers, to our upholstered ottomans, storage pouffes and stools for additional seating that doubles as a storage solution, ottomans are a great option for the living room. You can store anything from books and games to controllers and electronics safely and securely without worrying about clutter or tripping over fallen or loose wires, and only need to invest in one piece of furniture. 

Pictured: Hampstead Soft Grey Oak Ottoman

Build Or Install An Entertainment Centre

If your family are tech fans but you find yourself tripping over wires, piling up games and constantly moving controllers from surface to surface, it could be time to invest in an entertainment centre. Not only will it offer plenty of storage for consoles and their accessories, but it offers a good place to set up your TV, as well as additional shelves and cupboard space for books, DVDs, TV boxes, DVD players, Stereos and more. You can even display those ornaments that have been gathering dust in storage!

Use End-Tables With Storage Space

End tables are handy, convenient things to have in the living room. It’s where you pop a cup of tea or snacks while watching TV, where the remote sits while you’re watching TV and more, so why not upgrade the table and invest in one with drawers? Drawers can offer storage for magazines, catalogues, books, remotes, notebooks, pens and more. 

Make The Most Of A Bookcase

Bookcases offer storage space for more than just what the name suggests – whether you build shelves into an alcove or set one up in a free space, the shelves not only offer somewhere to line up your bookish favourites, but can also offer ample space for displaying ornaments and decorations, or even hold baskets and boxes that you can fill with electronics, wires, stack up blankets and more. 

Create Moveable Storage With Trolleys Or Bar Carts

Trolleys and bar carts are more than just a novelty and can be used for far more than just a drink or two. The moveability of a bar cart makes this piece of furniture perfect for storing items that don’t need to stick in just one place – you could use it as a portable end table, a bar or, if you dont have too many books but still want somewhere to store them, you could even use it as a portable bookshelf.

For more information about our ottomans and how they can increase your living room storage, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.