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Organisation Ideas For Awkward Hallways

Hallways are some of the most awkward spaces in a home to decorate and utilise. They can often feel like wasted space and can easily fall into use as nothing more than a storage space between down and upstairs. Using your hallway as storage space isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, providing you do it effectively. From ensuring you have ample shoe storage to keeping off-season pieces tucked away, keeping hallways tidy and organised can be relatively simple – here are some ideas to get you started.

What Do You Need?

First things first, you need to assess what space you have and what you need from your hallway. The bigger the space, the more you can do with it, but regardless, you need to determine just what you need your hallway to do for you. Do you need storage space out there, or would it be best to keep things simple? If it’s larger, you may get away with having a hallway cabinet for extra home storage space, but smaller hallways will need a bit of extra care when choosing what to store there. Keep storage to a minimum, with only regularly used shoes and seasonal coats or jackets kept nearby.

Get Creative With Shoe Storage

More often than not, most of us will have more shoes than we actually think we do and even the best-intentioned storage can seem too restrictive. One person alone could have trainers, sandals, boots, work shoes, dress shoes and slippers or flip flops, and when you multiply that by the number of people living in the house, it definitely adds up. Having ample shoe storage, even just for seasonal footwear that can be swapped out as the year progresses, can help to neaten up the hallway and keep essentials in the right place. An ottoman, for example, offers plenty of room for shoe storage as well as a surface to perch on when pulling them on, stopping the awkward shuffle or having to crouch down to tie laces. You can even get ottomans with drawers, offering shoe storage that can be separated per person or per type.

Give Everyone Their Own Space

Depending on how many people you have in your home, giving everyone their own space for storage in the hallway could help to reduce overall clutter and encourage everyone to only store things that are needed in the hallway at any one time. Giving everyone their own drawer or shelf in a cabinet for shoes and other belongings, as well as a hook each for jackets and coats, could help to reduce how much is actually kept in the hallway. Your family will be encouraged to keep any little-used items in their rooms properly put away in wardrobes.

Pack Away Off-Season Items

Depending on where you live, chances are you’re going to have specific clothes that only make an appearance at certain times of the year. Big, heavy winter coats, for example, probably wont be needed in the summer months – at least, not regularly enough to warrant a place in the hallway in the meantime. Packing away off-season jackets, coats and shoes will help to keep awkward or small hallways free of unnecessary clutter and ensure things remain relatively functional.

Get Rid Of Anything That Isn’t Supposed To Be There

This might sound like a bit of a given, but it’s a habit that a lot of us can fall into easier than you might think – the hallway is a convenient space usually between the downstairs living spaces and the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms. When we’re clearing up or organising our homes, it can be easy to pop something in the hallway ‘temporarily’, only for it to stay there for the foreseeable future. Taking a few extra minutes to run something upstairs or down to it’s rightful place can help to reduce the amount of stuff that collects in your hallway in the meantime.

Remove Mail As Soon As It’s Delivered 

Depending on how you handle your incoming mail, you might have a pile of unopened letters sitting in your hallway. Whether it’s junk mail, newspapers, menus or unimportant letters, these can certainly build up over time and make the space look messy. Making sure that you deal with letters as soon as you receive them can help to prevent any paper build up on the hallway surfaces.

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