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Luxury Ottoman Beds For The Perfect Spring Bedroom Refresh

Spring is here and there’s no better time to give your bedroom a much-deserved refresh. While spring cleaning can certainly give your room a spruce and get it feeling fresh and new, a new, luxurious ottoman bed could provide you with a whole new look, as well as plenty of storage space to finally get that relentless clutter put away properly. From affordable luxury for the budget-conscious decorator to bed frames fit for the most glamorous of bedroom spaces, here are some of our top ottoman beds perfect for a spring refresh.

Lage Grey Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Available in Small Double, Double and King Sizes, the Lage Great Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is both comfortable and stylish, offering the perfect touch of modern luxury to your bedroom. The stunning grey hue fits in with most colour schemes, offering versatility as well as simple but stylish design. The geometric square-panelled design is ideal for modern or contemporary spaces, and with the full space under the mattress available for storage with a simple lift, this is ideal for any bedroom. Simply use the handle to lift the mattress and access plenty of storage for spare sheets, clothes, cushions and more.

Francesco Grey Upholstered Ottoman Bed

The Francesco Grey Upholstered Ottoman Bed has a bit of a higher price tag, but certainly makes up for it in pure luxury. The soft-touch fabric not only offers an elegant shine but is incredibly comfortable for sitting at the end of a long day with a book, your laptop or even with a spot of TV. The scroll top headboard and footend add a touch of elegance to this headboard that really offer a timeless but effective design, with buttoned detailing creating a vintage-style piece that will fit into any traditional-style room. Of course, this bed frame is also an ottoman, opening from either the left or right depending on your preferences and offering plenty of storage space.

Lage Black Velvet Upholstered Ottoman Bed

The Lage Black Velvet Upholstered Ottoman Bed offers all of the benefits and style of Lage Grey ottoman bed, but is available in a sleek black velvet. The deep colour compliments the fabric and the design perfectly, adding a little something extra to an already elegant and luxurious design. We use only the highest quality black velvet to offer a sophisticated finish that will truly compliment any modern bedroom. This bed once again lifts from the bottom, offering the full space under the mattress for storage.

Franca Upholstered Ottoman Full End Lift Bed

The Franca Upholstered Ottoman Full End Lift Bed may be simple in design, but the style and versatility of this bed make it the perfect addition to any luxury space. With over 22 fabrics to choose from, you can really make this particular design your own to suit any existing or dream decor you have. This bed has a unique storage system in that the bed itself is split into two at the base, offering two sections in which to store sheets, linens, towels and more, with the divider in the middle offering easier organisation. The Franca bed is available in single, small double, double, king and super king sizes.

Loxley Mustard Velvet Upholstered Ottoman Bed

For those looking for something bold yet equally as stylish for their bedrooms, the Loxley Mustard Velvet Upholstered Ottoman Bed is an ideal choice. In a stunning and fashion-forward mustard colour and a soft velvet finish, this is a soft and comfortable bed frame that will really hold its own as a centrepiece of any room. With plenty of storage under the mattress, a simple but luxe diamond pattern on the headboard and rounded feet, this is not only one of our favourite bed frames, but is also one of our most affordable. 

For more information about our ottoman beds or how they can help improve storage in your new spring bedroom, get in touch with our team, today.