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5 Places An Ottoman Could Be Useful In Your Home

Call us biased, but we’re true believers that ottomans are an amazing piece of furniture that has a place anywhere you could want it. However, if you’re unsure quite where you’d put one in your home, we’re here to help. Ottomans can provide storage in most rooms of your home without trouble, but here, we’ve put together five of the most popular and most useful places you could have an ottoman in your home.

Living Room

The living room is the heart of most homes and as a result, can suffer from a clutter problem. Whether it’s magazines and books piling up, DVDs that seem to overflow from shelves, cushions that get tossed from one chair to another or blankets that hang around on the backs of the sofa when not in use, the clutter can be relentless. You could even have to complete with the mountains of kids or pets toys taking over the floor. With an ottoman, you have a handy place to put away some of the clutter neatly, while still having a surface to use as a coffee table or side table. Pile up unused cushions, store some blankets or use it as book or DVD storage and free up some shelf space for those much-loved ornaments.


The bedroom is another place where clutter can congregate but is also the place where we typically store things like bed linen and in some cases, even towels. If you don’t have an airing cupboard, an ottoman could provide ample storage for the sheets and covers you aren’t using or a safe and dry place to put your towels. Set up the ottoman at the end of your bed and top it with a cushion or a cover and double its use as a quick seat when you’re getting ready in the morning. 


The hallway, particularly down by the door, can be one of the most difficult spaces to fill and decorate properly. Whether it’s an unusual shape that you can’t seem to balance, or it’s simply too small to store what it needs to, an ottoman can provide a solution. Whether it’s storage for shoes that seem to clutter the hallway floor, or somewhere to store winter coats during the summer and summer jackets during the winter, an ottoman can provide storage while also acting as a stool to perch on while getting your shoes on on the way out of the house each day.

Utility Room 

If you have a utility room, chances are you know how crowded it can get. Between different washing powders and liquids, fabric softeners and other chemicals, the sides can get too crowded to work with. An ottoman can act as not only helpful storage but secure and safe storage too. Keeping these powders and chemicals away from pets is a must, and you could even consider a lockable ottoman or installing a lock on a wooden ottoman to keep the chemicals away from kids. It can also act as a surface to place laundry while it’s being folded or while it’s waiting to be taken to the relevant room.

Playroom/Kids Bedroom

If your kids have a playroom or their bedroom is filled with toys and crafts, an ottoman can act as a handy toy box to keep things neat and tidy. We stock a number of children’s ottomans with soft-touch and easy-clean materials that make them perfect for a child’s bedroom or playroom. Avoid accidents and easily wipe away any messes while keeping your children’s toys and crafts neatly packed away while not in use.

For more information about how our ottomans could help you or the range we have available, get in touch with a member of our team, today.