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Need Better Bedroom Storage? Here Are Our Top Ottoman Picks To Help

Our bedrooms can be notorious for their limited storage space, whether that’s limited wardrobe room, nowhere to store the sheets or shoes cluttering up the floor. Finding alternative storage solutions can often be a must, which is where ottomans and blanket boxes come in – Easily stored at the end of the bed or as an additional piece of furniture around the room, ottomans can act as both additional storage, and a seating solution. All you have to do is find the right one for you. We’ve picked out some of our favourites to get you started.

Maurice Upholstered Ottoman

The Maurice Upholstered Ottoman is one of our favourite upholstered designs, not least due to its versatility and comfort in any bedroom. The boutique design is available in 20+ different finishes and colours, as well as three different wooden leg finishes, offering the perfect combination to suit your ideal style. This ottoman may seem simple at first glance, but its subtle design makes it the perfect choice for any cosy bedroom, and with a gas-spring hinge and convenient tab, it is a simple-to-open piece that offers plenty of easy storage for everything from bedsheets, to books. 

Normandy Faux Leather and Suede Twin Lid Ottoman 

One of our favourite things about Ottomans and blanket boxes is their versatility – namely, that they can have multiple uses. The Normandy Faux Leather and Sueded Twin Lid Ottoman takes this to the next level. The two-lid design makes it possible to sit on one side while opening the other, or simply store different things on each side. One side could be bed sheets while the other can act as shoe storage without worrying about dirt from your shoes getting on clean sheets.

Sherwood Oak Effect Wooden Bed Box

The Sherwood Oak Effect Wooden Bed Box isn’t strictly an ottoman, however, this bed box is undoubtedly convenient, stylish and perfect for those seeking additional bedroom storage. With a width of 112cm, it can fit snugly at the end of your bed, offering a convenient storage solution for sheets, blankets and more. The four drawers provide the same space as a standard ottoman but are conveniently separated to allow for more items to be stored neatly. With such a classic design and unique finish, the Sherwood Oak effect wooden bed box is a must-have for all.

Bermondsey Palm Print Upholstered Ottoman

Want something a little more unique and bold for your bedroom? The Bermondsey Palm Print upholstered headboard offers ample storage and practicality wrapped up in a bold palm leaf print that is sure to wow any who see it. With slim gold metallic legs, this piece can fit into any tropical, modern and unique style bedroom, or any room in need of a bit of a refresh. If palm print isn’t really your style, this stylish ottoman is also available in Leopard and Jungle prints. 

Shanghai Light Elm Blanket Storage Trunk

For another unique but slightly more subtle alternative, the Shanghai Light Elm blanket storage trunk is an Asian-inspired piece that will not only suit any space but is sure to breathe a breath of life through your space. Not only is it sturdy and will protect your stored items, but the solid reclaimed elm is unique between each trunk. The featured dovetail joints and brass lock plate add additional charm to this already stunning piece, making for the perfect storage solution for those in search of rustic and unusual pieces.

Ottomans are a versatile solution for anyone needing a bit of extra storage in their bedroom and while we have listed some of our favourites above, our range is full of stunning, unique and stylish pieces perfect for any space. Don’t see one you like here? Take a look through our entire collection to find the perfect Ottoman for you.