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Revamp Your Holiday Home This Summer With Our Tips

Having a holiday property, whether for personal use or for renting out to holidaymakers, can be a great way to make the most of the tourism season. However, these holiday homes can be left unmanned for long periods at a time and often need renovation and a touch of TLC to keep them up to date. If you’re looking to revamp your holiday home this summer, there are countless ways to do so without having to pay out thousands on a complete renovation. From ensuring you have enough storage, to thinking about your or your guests’ comfort, here are our top tips for revamping your holiday home ready for this summer.

Think Neutral

If your holiday home is available for rental by other families or holidaymakers, getting the decoration right can be a tough thing to do. You don’t want to appear outdated and turn people off of your property, but you don’t want to be too modern and alienate those seeking a cosy, quintessential break. While no holiday home can cater to every taste, keeping things relatively neutral can be a great way to find a happy medium. Neutral but calming tones like beige, creams, greys and splashes of blues can create a fresh and comfortable environment.

But Don’t Forget To Be Bold

While neutral is best, a holiday home is also the perfect opportunity to decorate in ways you may not have done at home. This is particularly the case if you own and use your own holiday home, though guests may also appreciate a touch of bolder, but tasteful, decor. You want to stand out from the crowd but remain comfortable, so having bolder furniture options like reading nooks or giant beanbags, as well as boldly coloured but comfortable sofas and armchairs can be a great place to start. As long as everything matches a similar colour palette and offers a comfortable environment for relaxation, you’re on the right track. 

Don’t Forget Storage

Storage for any guests hiring out your property, or even for your own things while on holiday or between trips is often overlooked. However, having plenty of space to hold clothes or other personal belongings while you’re away can make the entire holiday experience much more comfortable. It can make guests feel far more at home without having to worry about digging through suitcases or finding somewhere to store books or spare blankets. If your holiday home is for your private use only, you can use an ottoman to store blankets, holiday clothes, books, activity equipment and more. The possibilities are endless, but an ottoman will provide a safe and clean storage option for long periods of time. 

Keep Wellbeing At The Core

People go on holiday to escape the stress of everyday life and get an opportunity to relax. For that reason, wellbeing should be at the very core of the revamping process. Whether for you or for guests, putting wellbeing at the centre of your revamping efforts will ensure that your holiday home is ready for a relaxing and rewarding break. A good bed, high-quality and comfortable furnishings, plenty of sunlight and even supplying blankets and cushions for the sofa can all go a long way to creating that cosy environment perfect for truly relaxing. You could also consider guest enjoyment with games, TV, a good table for group meals, Somewhere to relax outside where possible and even basic amenities like tea and coffee. 

Add Some Luxury Touches

If you really want to stand out from the crowd in the holiday rental market, or you simply want somewhere luxurious to go each time you embark on a holiday, adding some luxurious touches can make all the difference. TV and WiFi are two standard features that most holidaymakers will expect nowadays, but you can go a step further by including things like hot tubs, barbecues or even welcome packages that include wine, chocolates or other snacks of your guests’ choosing. You could even do something as simple as leave fresh milk (or an alternative if your guest requests it), as well as local teas, coffees and sugar to make their arrival as seamless and stress-free as possible. 

If you’re revamping your holiday home this year, we are on hand to help with storage solutions in the property. From open-top ottomans, to drawers and even ottoman beds, we have a wide range for you to browse to get started.